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Andrew Brennen is a Robertson Scholar at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill where he is majoring in Political Science.  Andrew co-founded the Prichard Committee Student Voice Team in 2012 as a junior in high school.  In this capacity, Andrew helped launch and lead a number of projects to amplify and elevate students as partners in improving Kentucky schools.  


These include a successful statewide, student-led campaign to restore 15 million dollars for low income student scholarships; the drafting and promotion of HB 236 to add students to superintendent screening committees; an investigation into the tripwires that prevent high school students from making smooth transitions to college; and a “student voice audit” of a local junior high school to engage students in improving school climate.


In January 2016, Andrew took on a new role as the National Field Director for Student Voice, a national organization with the goal of bridging the gap between students and the education community.  As part of his role in Student Voice, Andrew has led a nation-wide tour with the goal of engaging thousands of students across the country through a platform called the “Student Bill of Rights”.  


Andrew has assisted a wide range of organizations in engaging students including The White House, The Hewlett Foundation, Google, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Volley Education, and South By South West Education.  Andrew draws inspiration from the quote “When we tell our stories, we change the world.”

Andrew offers many services for organizations and non-profits looking for advice in engaging students.  For more information, click here. ​


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